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Creative & Life. It’s Business, Not Personal. This site is where I am posting my various projects, both new & current ones and archives of past activities. I’m also keeping up a Facebook page and an Instagram, both called Bart Becker Projects, so jump over there and take a look. I’m just going to keep adding to all of these. You can email me at

Songwriting, Real Gone Records, writing, a career in journalism, short fiction, Til The Cows Come Home, Last Set At The Pressure Drop, Pinky Black & the Excessives, Took A Walk Saw This, Happy Retirement (Day-by-Day Through Year One of Retirement), Retired, Nebraska Cradle of Civilization, links to artists’ and other sites I like. And More. Just click or hover over the menu headings at the top to find things posted here on the site.

Songwriting: (vids on You Tube). Real Gone Records and Pinky Black & the Excessives

Writing: Til The Cows Come Home, Rock ‘n’ Roll Nebraska (book), Last Set At The Pressure Drop (short short fiction), clips from a career in journalism

Took A Walk Saw This (Instagram project, once-a-day for a year)

Just Quit Already! Day-by-Day through Year One of Retirement. Retired. What To Expect When You’re Retiring. Not Tired, Just Retired. (The Best Retirement. How To Be a Retired Person. True Tales of Adventures in Retirement! The Must-Read How-To User’s Field Guide to Year One of Your Future. You Can Thrive and Create a Magical Life-Changing Perfect Retirement. Told by an Optimist Who’s Been To Planet Retirement. Rock Your Retirement and Remedy the Retiree’s Dilemma . What Happens When You Decide That You’ll Never Work In This Town Again. Retirement Tips, Tricks, Hacks, Lists.)

And More.